12 Common Reasons Why People Divorce

12 Common Reasons Why People Divorce

Divorce cases have become more popular over the last 50 years. Approximately 50% of most first marriages end up in separation in the United States of America. In most couples, divorce is expected in the first seven years of marriage.

The causes of divorce are various for every couple, and some reasons are pretty unimaginable. So, what happens after saying “I do?” Here is a list of typical cases a divorce lawyer Olympia deals with on a day-to-day basis.

Infidelity and Extramarital Affairs

In some instances, a couple may decide to go outside the relationship to have their emotional, sexual, or physical needs met. When a partner cheats, trust is broken. When trust is damaged in a marriage, it may be difficult for the union to get back on track.

Over 40-60% of marriages end up in divorce due to extramarital affairs. Some of the underlying reasons that may lead to extramarital experiences may be sexual deprivation, lack of emotional intimacy, or a partners’ deteriorating health condition.

 Financial Issues

A lack of compatibility in financial matters causes most divorce cases. A couple who disagree on how to handle finances may eventually end up filing for a divorce.

The financial issue is a broad topic in marriages. Everything ranges from one couple making more money than the other; this can lead to a power struggle that can strain a marriage to failure.

When one partner loses a job, the strain is easily felt on the entire family. The truth is, money and stress seem to go hand in hand, and when the finances don’t come in as they used to, the result is quite disastrous. Some couples stick around in the bad times, while some opt for a divorce instead.

When debt piles up and becomes impossible to pay back, it puts a significant strain on the marriage, especially if couples often fight about it. Debt accumulation has contributed to marriage dissatisfaction, leading to divorce amongst couples

Financial problems are the most common cases a divorce lawyer in Olympia deals with.


A spouse’s addiction can eventually lead to divorce. Gambling, drugs, sex, alcohol, pornography can wreck an entire home when they become a top priority in the house. Addictions lead to loss of trust, financial struggles, and emotional distress between married couples.

If a spouse is unwilling to get help or make changes with his addiction, the other partner may choose to file for a divorce as a way of escaping the emotional turmoil that comes with dealing with an addict.

Domestic Abuse

Abuse or any other type of physical harm can significantly damage the emotional well-being of the affected couple. Separating from an abusive partner is a safe way of protecting an affected spouse from life-threatening outcomes that may come with dealing with an abusive partner.

However, abuse is mainly referred to as a personal matter but not a relationship issue.


People change and become different people throughout life’s journey than they were before they got married. When people feel they are growing incompatible with each other by the day, they decide to look for a marriage counselor. If this option doesn’t work, a divorce lawyer in Olympia can be consulted to complete their divorce claims.

Lack of Emotional Support

A breakdown in communication in a marriage is frustrating. It leads to people feeling lonely, desperate, and more prone to make rational or angry demands. Couples who feel unappreciated in their marriage and have to fight for attention from their other half end up filing for a divorce in the long run compared to women who are emotionally fulfilled.

Lack of Commitment

Every marriage requires two committed people to make it work. It goes both ways as commitment isn’t achievable by one couple only. Spouses who feel their partners aren’t as committed in the form of time, emotionally and physically, end up filing for a divorce.

Extraordinary Situations

Some situations that happen in our lives are unexpected. Cases such as cancer diagnosis, accidents that lead to crippling of a partner, the death of a child, or terminal illnesses can lead to excessive stress even on strong people.

A  marriage can slowly vaporize if sickness or the loss of a loved one comes into the picture. Most healthy couples can handle the pain and trauma that comes with the grieving process, but most couples end up divorcing when the pressure is unbearable.

Constant Arguing

Constant arguing is a killer of most marriages. Most couples frequently argue because they feel unappreciated and unloved. In some instances, most teams don’t seem to agree on matters involving finances, where to live, type of car to buy.

Some people are too selfish to see the other person’s point of view, which is the ultimate cause of divorce amongst most married couples.

Weight Issues

As shocking as it may seem, weight gain is a common cause for divorce. Weight gain, especially in women, makes them feel unattractive, causes low self-esteem, and plays a significant role in their intimate life.

Intimacy issues cause divorce among couples, and that’s why most people who develop weight issues are prone to going through a divorce.

Unrealistic Expectations

Sometimes couples enter a marriage with a high expectation of what they should be and do in the marriage life. High expectations can be strenuous on one team and leaving the other partner feeling let down.

Expectations are not wrong in a marriage, but false expectations can lead to a divorce.

Lack of Intimacy

A divorce lawyer in Olympia may sometimes deal with divorce cases rising from a lack of physical or emotional intimacy between couples. Couples have different sex drives and appetites but ignoring your partner’s sexual needs causes a feeling of rejection and confusion.


Even the couples who were crazily in love at some point end up in situations that call for divorce. If you have tried counseling, time-apart, going on a holiday, talking things out without success, it may be time to get a divorce lawyer in Olympia.

Your lawyer will take you through the divorce process and ensure you have peace of mind knowing you tried all the other options before making the big step.