3 Benefits of Buying Display Homes

3 Benefits of Buying Display Homes

When making real-estate investments, many people typically imagine either buying land or an empty house, but they very rarely consider buying a display home. Those of us who are aware of the option of a display home often assume that they’re scarce. However, many builders offer the opportunity to purchase a display home along with the hand-picked furnishings and fixtures. A display home, unlike a regular home, is usually built for an illustration purpose. Builders use it to showcase their design concepts and building expertise. There are a few advantages to buying a home like this. Let’s take a look at three benefits you might not be aware of.

Premium Fittings and Fixtures

The number one advantage of buying a display home is its renowned trait for having superior fittings and fixtures. The reason is that builders use these homes to showcase their work to prospective clients and customers; they’re inclined to furnish these homes with quality fixtures and fittings that you may not have been able to afford on your own. Additionally, these homes are usually professionally cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure they’re in top condition. Therefore, instead of going through the stress of getting new fixtures, you can swap a few to suit your taste.

For instance, if your master bedroom has a California king bed and it’s a larger bed than you would typically go for, you can sell it and buy a smaller queen mattress or full-size mattress. Full mattresses are great if you’re a single adult who wants space in your room. They’re also an ideal choice for a guest room because the comfort level is enough to give a single sleeper a good night’s sleep.

Discounted Market Value

When buying a new home, you’ll likely need a builder who can translate your visions and ideas into a reality. Fortunately, this is precisely what display homes do. Besides being an avenue for builders to showcase their different home designs and construction abilities, a model home gives you a glimpse into different types of homes.

In other words, these homes are prototypes. Therefore, you’ll avoid going through the pain of buying land and building a house, only to realize that the finished result isn’t exactly what you like or it no longer suits your need. You can simply hunt for a display home that appeals to you and your current lifestyle.

Furthermore, many builders usually have a new project in mind which they want to finance, and as such, they’re usually in need of quick financing options. So, once they feel a display home has fulfilled its purpose, they put it up for sale, and that means the home generally comes at a discounted price. This is why these homes often come with built-in discounts.

Investor Friendly


As an investor, buying a display home is a promising venture. In many cases, developers sell these homes at a cheaper rate than the standard homes on their portfolio. Once acquired, you can then lease the home out or resell at market rate value. Also, in some cases, paying for your own home can be cheaper than paying a monthly rent.

Additionally, you can choose to move in immediately and strike a leaseback agreement with the builder. That is, the buyer will lease back the house (from you, the new owner) and continue to use it as a display home for some time (usually two years).

Lease agreements are a great way to earn income on the side because they typically offer higher rental fees than a standard lease agreement. Also, there’s a guaranteed return for your property.

We hope the above-listed benefits will convince you to snap up that display home you’ve been eyeing.