4 Vital Steps to Take After a Vehicle Collision

4 Vital Steps to Take After a Vehicle Collision

About six million crashes occur in the US every year, with over three million people sustaining injuries annually. About two million drivers even develop long-term injuries. If you’re in a vehicle collision, it’s important to gather evidence after the crash.

You can use the evidence you gather to file your car insurance claim and a lawsuit.

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1. Call the Police

Immediately following a car accident, assess the damage to your vehicle to ensure it’s safe to drive. If you’re not sure if the vehicle is safe to move, wait until the police arrive.

In some states, you’re obligated to call the police after an auto accident to file an official police report. You can also use the police report when speaking with an attorney or car insurance agent. The police report could indicate the other driver’s negligence caused the crash.

When speaking to the police, walk them through what happened by sticking to the facts as you remember them. Then, ask the police officer who arrives for their name and badge number. Request a copy of their police report, too.

While you wait for the police to arrive, check yourself and your passengers for any injuries. If anyone is seriously injured, call for medical attention right away.

Consider visiting a physician after you’re cleared to leave the scene of the car accident.

You can use your medical reports to prove the accident caused you bodily harm. Your accident attorney can use the report to show how the accident impacted your mobility, earning potential, or quality of life. Keep track of your medical reports and bills to determine the extent of your losses, too.

2. Gather Information

Before leaving the scene of a car crash, make sure to gather the other driver’s information.

For example, you’ll need their driver’s license and car insurance information. Write down the make and model of their vehicle, too.

You can also use this time to take photos of both vehicles. If anyone witnessed the crash, ask if they’re willing to provide their contact information. Your accident attorney can contact them later to get an official statement.

3. Contact Your Insurance Agent

Contact your car insurance agent to determine what’s covered under your policy.

Some insurance companies require you to use an app to file your claim. Make sure you have this app downloaded before you’re in a crash.

Your insurance agent will let you know how to proceed.

4. Hire an Attorney

Following a car accident, don’t hesitate to contact a personal injury attorney who specializes in auto accident claims. With their help, you can prove the other driver was at fault. You can hold them accountable to receive compensation to cover your losses.

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Make a Case: Follow These Steps After a Vehicle Collision

Make sure you follow these four essential steps after a vehicle collision. With these tips, you can gather the evidence you need for your claim. Then, you can fight for compensation.

Save this guide to reference the next time you’re in a crash.

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