5 Common Myths About Car Decals

5 Common Myths About Car Decals

Car decals are considered one of the most effective economical marketing options. Since leveraging the benefits of car stickers is a new marketing option, there is tons of information that are not accurate.

There are many confusion and myths on what type of vehicle is ideal for stickers or how to boost the marketing with car stickers.

If you want to protect and grow the assets of your business, first you need to know which information is true and which are nothing but a myth.

To help you out, we will discuss 5 common myths regarding car stickers that you should not. This will help you to clear your confusion.

It’s Not Appropriate to Apply Decals on Leased Vehicles

Many people apply car decals to their leased vehicles. You’ll find a variety of companies that lease tons of different cars. Most of the leased vehicles arrive with factory paint jobs. If you apply car stickers on them, it’s easy to remove after you finished advertising.

Many leased vehicles roam around the city without experiencing any damage or incident. However, you must read the terms and conditions of your leased vehicle to know the complete details regarding your agreement.

Car Decals Damage the Paint

This is one of the most popular myths as well as misconceptions out there. Instead of damaging the paint, car decals will help you to protect the car paint. If you carefully apply stickers on your car, they will protect your car’s paint as well as the surface from dust particles and UV rays. Your vehicle is the most important asset and you should take every precaution to protect them from damages.

Before installing car stickers, make sure the professionals inspect your car thoroughly. During this inspection, they will identify if the paint is damaged or the surface is inappropriate. Knowing this before the decal installation process will help you later in the removal process.

It’s Difficult to Remove Car Stickers

The designs of the car decals make them removable. Many people believe that once a car sticker is applied, it’s very difficult to remove them. However, this is nothing but a false myth.

Not only car stickers are removable but also the steps are quite easy. As per Cars, if you want to remove your car stickers, just apply little heat. This will damage the adhesive and loosen the stickers from the surface of your car. Additionally, don’t think that the removal process will leave some marks on the surface. If you are careful and patient enough, you’ll be able to remove stickers without leaving a single mark on the surface.

It’s Unsafe to Apply Stickers on Car Windows

You might have seen car stickers on windows. Remember that it’s completely safe to apply stickers on car windows. However, for safety purposes, you should not install them on the front windshield as well as the passenger windows. But it’s completely okay to install them on the rear windshield. If you want to apply multiple car stickers on windows, you can also choose the rear windows on the passengers. Make sure the stickers are optically clear as well as transparent.

Car Stickers Are Expensive

This is probably the most common and famous car sticker myth. The price of car stickers is highly dependent on your customization and the car you use. All vehicle sticker companies will tell you that decals are affordable and it is fact.

No matter what car you use or how many customizations you make on your car stickers, it will always be cheaper than other traditional advertising methods such as billboards, radio, and TV advertisements.


These are the 5 most common car sticker myths you should know about. Remember that myths aren’t facts. Hence, if you ever feel confused regarding any fact, try to research and gain information. You can always consult a professional before applying stickers. They will help you to clear your doubts.