5 Practical Steps to Starting a Business Online

5 Practical Steps to Starting a Business Online

The transition from typical employee to business owner / entrepreneur can have its challenges. The upside is outstanding but there are also risks that should be considered. The path to entrepreneurship and starting a business will have you facing many challenges with one of the biggest being the financial strain when you first begin. No longer relying on a steady pay check or the benefits you’ve come to rely on as an employee can turn many potential new business owners off. Depending on your resources you will most likely be starting off with you being the only employee. This means you will be faced with tasks you may not enjoy or up to this point have no idea how to do. The basic nature of an entrepreneur however is to have the desire to overcome these challenges and stair adversity in the face with the confidence it takes to succeed.

I’ve written this not to scare or deter you from chasing your dreams but rather in an attempt to make this leap as successful as possible by sharing what I’ve learned over the years and having gone through it personally.

1. Begin by considering what it is in life that you’ve always wanted to do.

Now if your forty years old and always wanted to be an astronaut that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m asking you to consider what you truly enjoy doing such as helping people or providing a unique service, physically building something just what you believe would make you happy and that you are passionate about. Don’t think about the money yet brainstorming ideas about starting a business begins with passion first we will be determining the commerciality of your choice later.


Preliminary Checklist of Your Readiness to Start a Business

  • I am willing to accept the risks and initial instability that comes with starting a business
  • I am able to rely on myself 100% I can make decisions that make or break my new business.
  • I work effectively on my own motivating myself without supervision. I do not rely on others.
  • I am goal oriented and will work at completing my goals everyday without exception.
  • I can visualise opportunities and have the confidence to go after them.
  • I can handle the stress and pressures that are inherently apart of starting a new business. Even when things do not go as planned I believe I can overcome any problem.
  • I posses the drive, determination and willingness to work long hours to make my business a success.

2. Determine The Business Ownership That’s Right For You

The Three Main Ownership Options when Starting a Business are:

  • Buy a Business that already exists.

Traditionally buying a business will be more expensive but does have its advantages. Start up can be the most gruelling part and establishing a customer base is no easy task. This may interest those who want to hit the ground running and have the budget to do so. Do your due diligence with any business you consider buying. Why does the current owner want to sell? What is the market conditions like for the business? Will there be new competition just around the corner that the current owner failed to disclose. Make it you priority to research everything before jumping in.

  • Franchise

Purchasing a franchise is a great way to lower the risk of business ownership but it has its pros & cons. A franchise is established providing a track record and the ability to review other stores profitability. You are buying a brand that already has customer awareness so there are fees for this. Start up fees and ongoing royalties are part of the deal when it comes to owning a franchise.