Are There Sexual Predators In My Neighborhood?

Are There Sexual Predators In My Neighborhood?

A lot of concerned parents are asking the same question; “Are there predators in my area?” With all of the insanity that has been happening all over the world in the last months, it is understandable why people would be asking this. Is there a simple, easy way to see if there are convicted sex offenders around you? The answer is, yes, and it has never been easy to do searches.

Keep Tabs On Sex Offenders

Kids Live Safe is an amazing organization that has the mission to keep kids safe from sexual predators. Thanks to technology and a team of passionate people there is a great program that keeps parents and guardians up to date when it comes to sex offenders that move in around them in the area. Many times just knowing that there is a potential for danger can save lives. When you have access to the whereabouts of convicted child molesters that live in your neighborhood you will know where to keep your kids far from.

Locate Sexual Predators In Your Neighborhood

Another fantastic service that Kids Live Safe provides is to be able to perform searches based on the area that you live in. All you have to do is type your address, or even zip code, into the search bar and within minutes you can see all of the convicted sex offenders that live near you. You can go a step further and do an in-depth search of their criminal histories to see what kinds of criminal activities other than sex offenses they have been up to. Kids Live Safe provides users with several different types of information including:

  • Arrest history
  • Address history
  • Employment history
  • Criminal history
  • Court records
  • Financial records
  • Phone records
  • Felony convictions

Keep Your Kids Safe

It is much better when you know who is around you and your family. If you live across the street from a convicted child molester, you should know. Of course, the authorities are not going to go to your door and announce that a convicted sex offender lives across the street from you, however, there are laws in place that were designed in order to give you and everybody else to the right to search on your own and see the truth. Because of Megan’s Law, all convicted sex offenders are required to register with all of their information within the state that they live in as a sex offender. This means that it is public knowledge that they are who they are. It also means that you have the right to know where they are.

Kids Live Safe

Kids Live Safe provides solutions for the problems that shady sex offenders can cause. You can see where they are and keep tabs on them without having to worry about who lives near you. You can find out everything you want to know about a person through Kids Live Safe. Visit them today and see for yourself how easy it is to get started. 

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