Avoiding Accidents With Large Trucks When Driving At Night

Avoiding Accidents With Large Trucks When Driving At Night

Truck drivers usually drive at night to meet their delivery requirements and beat the traffic issues during the day. Therefore, you see more trucks at night, which is why it is more dangerous. Sharing the road with trucks is already dangerous, but things can become more complex during the night because of visibility issues. People also tend to drink and drive more at night.

If a negligent truck driver has injured you, you deserve compensation. Truck drivers have the same duties as any other driver using the road. They must take adequate safety measures to ensure a low risk of accidents. To know about your legal rights, click here for help and speak to an attorney. Meanwhile, here are a few tips to avoid accidents with large trucks at night.

Tips To Avoid Accidents With Large Trucks At Night

1. Avoid Trucks’ Blind Spots.

One of the most common reasons accidents with trucks happen is because of blind spots. Blind spots are close areas to the large truck where it is impossible or difficult for the truck driver to spot a small passenger vehicle. When the truck driver cannot see you, they cannot take adequate safety measures and may hit your vehicle. The thumb rule to follow is that if you cannot see the truck’s side view mirror, they cannot see your vehicle.

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2. Be Careful When Passing A Truck. 

If you see a truck backing up, do not try to pass it at that time because the driver may not be able to see you, and it may result in a terrible accident. Always pass trucks from the left-hand side and make sure to maintain a safe speed. When switching lanes in front of a truck, be sure to leave enough space because trucks are huge and heavy vehicles and require more time and distance to slow down.

3. Rely On Your Mirrors.

Before driving your car, you should make sure that all of your mirrors are clean and perfectly positioned instead of being tilted. Your exterior mirrors are especially important because they allow you to see what and who is behind your vehicle. Remember to keep them clean so they do not obscure your view.

4. Avoid Looking Directly Into Car Headlights.

You may already know that bright headlights can blind you at night if you stare at them directly. You can adjust your rear-view mirrors to avoid getting blinded by the vehicles approaching you from behind. A driver can become distracted or even blinded when they stare directly into the headlights of oncoming vehicles.