Can You Still Get A Cheap Divorce In 2022?

Can You Still Get A Cheap Divorce In 2022?

Whether you saw it coming or your spouse sprung the news on you, it’s never easy to terminate a marriage. Financial concerns can compound an already stressful situation. Divorce can be financially devastating, but there are ways to mitigate the damage.

Divorce can be obtained in many ways, and it need not require lengthy court battles or expensive legal bills. Depending on your circumstances, you can choose a divorce path that can save you money and time.

However, you need to consider the complexity of your property and finances. You also have to think about whether or not you have children at home, how cooperative your partner is, and how much legwork you’re ready to put in.

How Much Is The Least Expensive Divorce In 2022?

You can get a simple divorce in an uncontested case without resorting to lawyers, mediators, or even the internet. Mediation can also be used in place of or in addition to online divorce services and legal representation.

However, suppose you and your spouse agree on all conditions and file the paperwork themselves without the help of a lawyer or mediator. In that case, the filing cost will be USD$70, the average across the state. Nevertheless, divorce can be expensive due to rising hourly attorney rates.

How To Get A Cheap Divorce In 2022?

If you want a cheap divorce, you’ll need to do some legwork to keep costs down. You can decide after considering your budget and the many possibilities listed below.

1. Explore The Possibility Of An Uncontested Divorce

When a divorce is uncontested, the spouses might save money by working together to reach an agreement. Divorces generally come in one of two types: uncontested or contested. By mutually agreeing on all divorce issues, the parties in an uncontested divorce can avoid the time-consuming and costly court battles that typically accompany them.

An uncontested divorce means both parties have already agreed upon all terms of the divorce settlement before filing the divorce petition. In most cases, the parties begin the process without an agreement but can resolve it without the help of lawyers or mediators before going to trial.

Many states have simplified the divorce process by establishing streamlined paperwork and procedures for uncontested divorces. However, there are specific requirements, like limitations on property and children, that have to be met.

Meanwhile, many jurisdictions have even more streamlined procedures, which include simple divorce or summary dissolution. If you and your husband have any fundamental disagreement regarding the divorce but think you might be able to compromise, mediation services are an option to consider.

2. Make Use Of Free Divorce Services Offered Online

People looking for a cheap divorce may utilize any of the following free or low-cost divorce resources provided by states or legal aid organizations:

  • Divorce forms
  • Online interviews
  • Guided, self-guided, or interactive forms

Divorce packets are available without charge from most state courthouses. The court personnel can assist you with inquiries about the filing fee, the appropriate form bundle, and the correct location to submit your documents.

Online surveys and interviews are available from several state bar associations and other groups providing legal aid in those states. A questionnaire will be presented on their websites to complete your divorce or marriage paperwork.

Furthermore, divorce paperwork from many states is now available electronically. Websites for courts and legal assistance organizations may also include comprehensive guides, video tutorials, and interactive surveys.


3. Ask Nonprofit Legal Services Organizations For Advice

Nonprofit legal aid groups fund some legal resources like divorce websites and packages. If you meet the requirements, they can also provide legal representation. There’s a chance you can get free legal representation if you have a lower-than-average household income.

On the other hand, specific legal assistance organizations have rigorous eligibility requirements. Due to strong demand, there may be a long wait before you can access pro bono legal services in some areas.

Programs for those with intermediate means are an alternative. People with low and medium incomes can take advantage of these programs since they provide discounted legal services. You can locate a low-to-moderate income program by searching the websites of the divorce lawyers seen on bar associations and courts in your state.

The Final Note

You’ll need to do some legwork to reduce costs during the divorce process. By conducting the appropriate research, you’ll learn more about the accessibility of your options for a cheap divorce.

The time you have available to accomplish some or all of the tasks to complete the process is essential to consider. The decision ultimately rests with you after carefully considering your options and financial condition.