Car Accident Statistics in Texas& The Need for a Personal Injury Lawyer

Car Accident Statistics in Texas& The Need for a Personal Injury Lawyer

Do you ever feel like the roads in Texas are getting more dangerous? Your suspicions may not be unfounded! According to recent statistics, car accidents in Texas have been on the rise. For instance, 2019 saw a record high in motor vehicle fatalities and injuries across the state, which explains the increasing need for personal and car accident attorneys.

Common Causes of Car Accidents In Texas

While it can be difficult to identify the single cause of any one accident, certain patterns are evident in most auto accidents. From the Statewide Texas Car Accident Statistics, Houston is the riskiest city to drive in Texas, but other cities are also a cause for concern.

These common causes of accidents include;

– Distracted Driving: Driver distraction is one of the leading causes of auto accidents in Texas. This includes texting, talking on a cell phone, eating or drinking while driving, and not paying close attention to the road.

-Overspeeding: Overspeeding is another major issue on Texas roads. It increases your risk of getting into an accident and the chances of serious injuries or death.

– Alcohol use: Intoxicated driving is a major concern globally, and Texas is no exception. Alcohol impairment can slow reaction time and make people take risks they otherwise wouldn’t take when sober.

– Fatigue: Driving for long without rest leads to fatigue, making it much harder for drivers to stay alert, increasing the risk of collisions. Drivers are advised to take turns when driving long distances and have adequate rest, enhancing focus behind the wheel.

Here of the most are car accident statistics in major Texas cities.


Houston is the most dangerous city for driving in Texas. In 2019, there were about 240 fatal crashes and 253 accident fatalities. The majority of the accidents were attributed to driver distraction and drunk driving. With such alarming figures, being extra vigilant is vital when driving. Drivers should stay alert behind the wheel and safely maneuver their vehicles.

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San Antonio 

San Antonio is popular for DUI crashes, with more DUI collisions than in other states. Bexar County also reported high numbers of distracted driving accidents amounting to 26,305. Distracted driving is also a major issue in Harris County, Tarrant County, Dallas County, and Travis County. San Antonio sees more than 37,000 car wrecks yearly, and motorists in the city have a 24.2 percent likelihood of a traffic accident.


Dallas experienced about 35,355 motor vehicle accidents in 2021. The city ranks third in Texas for having high numbers of traffic crashes, with Houston and San Antonio taking first and second positions. Averagely, at least 96 motor vehicle crashes occur every day in Dallas.


The increasing numbers of accidents in Texas show the need for drivers to exercise more vigilance on the roads. However, if you incur injuries from car crashes, you can file a personal injury claim to hold the negligent party liable. You then need a skilled attorney to guide you in the case, and it’s advisable to engage one with experience handling car accident claims in Texas.