Consulting DUI lawyers Is The Only Way To Decide Whether You Need Their Services Or Not

Consulting DUI lawyers Is The Only Way To Decide Whether You Need Their Services Or Not

Every DUI case and its outcome is different which is why it is important to assess the case to figure out its implications and take steps to minimize the damage that can have serious effects on lives and livelihood of the people facing the charges.  The laws do not require that the accused was drunk or intoxicated to slap the charges on them. It is enough to go by the breath test or blood test result. If the blood alcohol content is shown to be 0.08 or above, it will find the accused guilty with the need of proving anything else.

The consequences of the case depend on various factors like the age of the accused, whether it is the first DUI case or there had been previous DUI charges brought on the accused in the past, BAC and whether there were any injuries and damages involved in the incident. The consequences also differ from state to state.  Often, people are unable to decide whether to hire an attorney to defend their DUI case but knowing the role of attorneys should make it easy to take a call.

What the DUI attorney does

Caldwell & Kearns, P.C. is a law firm that offers the services of experienced criminal defense lawyers who are experts in dealing with DUI cases. Minimizing the damages of the clients is the goal of attorneys who study the case from various angles to envisage the possible outcome by assessing the situation that the client is facing. They should be able to tell clients whether they would be let-off by paying penalties or offered probation.  On knowing the prospects of penalties which if minor enough, the client might decide to represent the case on their own or quickly take up a plea bargain with the prosecutor.  However, only attorneys can tell you whether the situation could become complicated at some point and what could be the long-term consequences.

Consulting DUI lawyers

Case assessment

The circumstances of each DUI case are different and so are the state laws which make every DUI case unique with varied consequences depending on many factors.    Should there be any chances of jail time or high penalties or the case might go for trial, only an experienced DUI lawyer can tell you by studying your case. Experienced DUI lawyers know the intricacies of the cases and are so thorough about the laws and legal processes that they can even help to discover some hidden options that normally any public defender would not think of considering. Most lawyers offer a free initial consultation that allows you to understand the gravity of the case and its possible consequences so that you can decide if it would be good for you to represent your case on your own.

A lawyer makes the lives of clients easy when dealing with the motor vehicles department that takes time and expertise to handle the case effectively. The lawyer takes care of the complexities in managing the case that can be overwhelming for people who do not have proper training, knowledge, and expertise.