Fashion Boutique

Fashion Boutique

Mary Quant was one of the first designers to open up to the world her ideas on a hanger in the fashion industry when she opened up her boutique Bazaar in 1955 on London Kings Road. The sixties symbolised liberalism and freedom of expression.

Fashion designers were now experimenting and breaking the classical mould of the use of material now trying various textiles to achieve innovating shapes, patterns, colours and most of all the imagination to think outside the box. Below are a number of Fashion designers that helped to shaped and influence the fashion styles you see in the high street.

There are so many not mentioned but the designers below give a broad spectrum of innovation that is still evolving through our present designers and new designers that are emerging worldwide. Fashion has reached to globally thanks to the media and TV portal, and with this we are privileged to know more designers that have been inspirational of the 21st century. With this insight we know have a global event of fashion shows from Europe, United States, Banana Republic to the United Kingdom.

We have models that are now reaching epic proportions and all because of the power of the press. You know not only have the catwalk queen for best model; you have face of the year, movies, endorsements, advertisements, shopping mall shows and sponsorship deals. The life of the model is in healthy hands. But unfortunately life on the high street for the Boutique has almost lost its very meaning, the same boutiques that today’s fashion shops have based themselves upon.

The Boutique represented the specialization of elite and fashionable items such as clothing and jewelry, one-of-a-kind but more generally speaking. Instead the majority of these elite shops have succumbed to the mass market selling of generic catwalk copies. This was a place that you could measure yourself in a stylish sense of the latest trend.

We have the talented designers, the ideas, but not the high street portal to showcase the styles in fashion that everyone benchmarked them with, the Boutique. We want our place of distinction back; we don’t want to find these fashion pieces of art clustered in the store of mass market fun pub on the high street in well known stores that are selling them in the very same style of a boutique.

They just pepper dust designers work of art all about the shop floor and make out as though they were produced by themselves. The next time you browse around the shop store, notice how many fashion designer names there are, you will be surprised.