Has Your Home Suffered Fire Damage? Don’t Take On Insurance Companies Alone

Has Your Homes Suffered Fire Damage? Don’t Take On Insurance Companies Alone

Life is full of risks and owning your own home is one of them. Accidents happen, and in the case of house fires, the damage can be minor or catastrophic. Having a plan ahead of time can help mitigate some of the damage, and keep you level headed in the event of an emergency.

In the event of a fire, you should first make sure that your loved ones and pets make it out of the house. Fire and smoke inhalation can be deadly. If possible keep important documents together where they can be grabbed in an emergency on the way out. There are also several steps you should take before an accident ever happens to make sure that you are covered.

However, in the event that a home fire has already impacted your life, you should look into fire lawyers.

Have Appropriate Insurance Coverage

Be aware of the fancy footwork insurance companies are willing to go through in order to deny your claim. Thorough understanding of your coverage can be daunting, but it is well worth your time. The fire may have burnt your countertop and stove, but the smoke damage turned your white ceilings black. Your insurance policy may cover fire damage, so long as it doesn’t appear to be arson, or an attempt at insurance fraud, but that doesn’t mean they will cover additional damages secondary to the fire. Your best chance of having a viable claim approved is to know your policy coverage inside and out.

Common Reasons For Denial

Insurance company lawyers are prepared to pick apart your contract and look for discrepancies. Make sure you pay your monthly insurance premiums on time so they can’t claim you defaulted on your contract. Another reason to deny your coverage is if the expenses and damage are more than your insurance coverage. If they can’t cover the whole of the damage they will try to avoid paying it at all. If you believe that you have been wrongly denied, you should enlist the help of fire lawyers near you to help navigate the insurance companies denial of claims.

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Document Everything

Document everything and keep neatly compiled records. Always keep your important documents in a fireproof storage box and make sure that it is easily accessible in case you need to evacuate. In this age of technology we have certain advantages that we did not have in the past: digital records keeping. It wouldn’t hurt to have a digital back up or scanned copies of  your receipts, item warranties, photos, insurance documents, and any other supporting information that you may have.

Seek Legal Advice

Do the prep work ahead of time by making sure you have your documents in order. Don’t be intimidated;  if at any point you feel like you need some support, consider hiring fire lawyers to help you through the claims process. Whether they’re sitting down and explaining the legal jargon in your contract, or you hire them to appeal a denied claim, it never hurts to get help from the professionals.