How Common Are Semi-Truck Accidents?

How Common Are Semi-Truck Accidents?

We’ve all heard about semi-trucks. They’re ubiquitous on freeways and interstates, and even in more rural areas. Approximately two million trucks deliver goods in the U.S., contributing to our economy. Because of their size, however, large trucks can be involved in accidents. Fortunately, these accidents tend to happen on rural roads, where the danger is lower. But what causes truck collisions?

The largest percentage of fatal truck crashes involves driver error. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 88% of all accidents involving a tractor-trailer are caused by driver error. Other causes include distraction, speeding, and substance abuse. The majority of the fatalities in truck collisions occur between six and three in the afternoon. A lull in traffic, along with a lack of rest, may contribute to crashes.

Although crashes involving a semi-truck may occur anywhere, they are most likely to occur on long-haul routes. Approximately 65 percent of the fatalities involved in truck accidents occur when a truck is traveling more than 51 miles from its base. This type of crash is one of the most dangerous types of crashes, and it’s no wonder. The insurance company behind the semi-truck is responsible for a large portion of these tragedies.

In recent years, fatigue has become a major issue in the trucking industry. Though truck drivers are required by law to limit their hours, they often work longer and have demanding schedules. They are often compensated in ways that encourage them to drive unsafely. As a result, they’re often distracted and make mistakes. Studies have shown that driver fatigue is a major factor in many accidents involving a semi-truck.

While truck collisions involving large vehicles are highly dangerous, they’re also extremely costly. In fact, 98 percent of fatal truck accidents involve passengers in other cars. The majority of these crashes take place on rural roads, and 68 percent of these crashes occur in the daytime. More than half of these accidents occurred on highways. The other 25 percent of fatalities resulted from other factors. Most crashes involving a truck with three axles, and double trailers are also dangerous.

In addition to driver inexperience, inadequate training is another major contributor to truck accidents. While most crashes between trucks and cars involve only one vehicle, the two vehicles involved in a semi-truck accident may have no contact at all. In some cases, the driver is trapped inside the truck and suffers a fatal head injury. The driver might even be decapitated. While fatalities are rare in semi-truck accidents, injuries can be devastating. If you have suffered from a personal injury in a semi-truck accident, contact Dozier Law Firm today.