How Deep Do Tattoo Needles Go?

How Deep Do Tattoo Needles Go?

The decision to get a tattoo is very exciting and very serious. It’s very exciting to be able to incorporate this wonderful permanent work of art into your body.

We believe it is essential to get the right information before embarking on a tattoo journey.

Tattoo Machine / Needle-Description

To understand the overall treatment of tattoo needles, you need to start with the basics. Of course, a tattoo machine. Traditional tattoo machines are electrical devices used for tattoos around the world.

It moves the armature bar up and down with 6,000 movements per minute.

But a tattoo machine is nothing without ink. You also need to transfer the ink to the skin while moving the needle in and out of the skin. Do you remember the armature bar? Now, the forbidden needle grouping is connected to this bar and serves to push the ink into the skin.

Now, How Does The Machine Keep The Ink On The Skin?

When the needle is pushed out of the skin, a vacuum seal is created and the ink is sucked into the previously created hole in the skin.  Here, the ink is trapped and sealed.

In this way, the ink is sealed to the skin and needs to maintain its condition throughout the healing process of the tattoo. However, if the healing process is unsuccessful, the ink can always leave the skin and cause problems such as tattoo infections.

Tattoo Needle

There are different types of tattoo needles, which are used for different tattoo styles, shading, coloring, dotted lines, and other tattoo exercises.

Standard needle thicknesses range from 0.30 mm to 0.35 mm.  For example, bug pins or magnum needles typically have a thickness of 0.20 mm to 0.25 mm. These are mainly used for detailed shading.

Tattoo needles are pre-sterilized and are discarded after each use.

How Do Tattoo Needles Work? – Appropriate Tattoo Needle Depth

Skin layer

Now that we know what a tattoo pen machine and needle are, it’s time to understand the other important element of tattooing, the skin.

How Deep Are The Tattoo Needles?

The decision to get a tattoo is very exciting and very serious. It’s very exciting to be able to incorporate this wonderful permanent work of art into your body.

The Best Tattoo Pen Machine

Tattoo artists, by their very nature, are tinkering.

We recognize that the right tool for you depends on your particular habits and preferences when you work. As a result, we have created some of the industry’s most recommended tools together. Most of them have been approved by some of the top craft artists.

Here you can get two innovative gadgets from manufacturers that represent some of the quietest options on the market.

Both machines have the same setup and technology, but with very different stroke lengths. Luna has a stroke length of 2.5 mm, making it ideal for gray shading and black work. Terra has a stroke length of 4mm, making it a color packer for the set.

A striking feature of this set is the unique Sensi Drive technology, which offers two separate modes that allow two different working styles.

It uses normal hard drive mode to power the machine at a constant speed throughout the operation, providing consistent and reliable hits and no give.

As a result, SensiDrive gives you a relatively constant hit, whether it’s in soft areas like the palm of your hand or hard areas like your elbows or knees. Therefore, this unique feature provides a rotating machine that can mimic the type of tactile feedback that only coil machines can provide.

The Cheyenne Sol Terra is also equipped with a brushless DC motor that can operate at low speeds of 25 Hz for greater accuracy in styles such as color realism and dotwork. However, if you need these thick and strong lines, the engine will also be significantly higher.

With the Cheyenne Sol series, you can get a reliable and reliable top performer.

In addition, given Cheyenne’s history of excellent build quality, a one-year warranty applies, but I don’t think this is necessary. However, guarantees are always a great bonus.

Should I Get A Cheap Tattoo Machine?

For beginners, it can be difficult to worry about why tattoo machine prices fluctuate so much.

However, as with most technical products, the big price difference often results in the use of premium, high-quality parts in more expensive machines and the application of higher attention to detail.

It may be enough to start with a cheap machine (especially in the amateur era), but it turns out that these often shabby options are quickly exceeded. Soon, we will need a more detailed machine that promises to improve accuracy and the overall tattoo experience.

Need To Get A Liner Or Shader Tattoo Machine?

Tattoo artists use liners to outline tattoos, blacken them, and use shaders to add shades and colors to their work. As a result, both machine types pack different technical specifications. Shaders are usually heavier, more powerful and pack more needles than liners.

Still, the easiest way to tell the difference between a liner and a shader is to look at the information provided by the manufacturer.

Which Option Do I Need To Get? You May Need Both.

However, for many tattoo types, it is the only machine that requires a liner. Therefore, liners are often the best choice as the first tool to get started with a tattooist.

How Many Tattoo Pen Machines Should A Carver Have?

Professional tattoo artists need to be free to use at least two tattoo pen machines. That way, artists aren’t always pressured to rely on just one machine. Along with the machine, the tattoo artist should also have two other tools such as gloves, needles and tubes. It causes confusion and increases the likelihood of using dirty tools on the client.

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