How to Find Public Arrest Records Quickly and Confidentially

How to Find Public Arrest Records Quickly and Confidentially

When you need arrest records, it’s likely you need them quickly. This information can tell you a good amount about a person. Things like their habits, the kinds of people they hang out with, and most importantly if they’re a threat to you or your family’s well-being. Fortunately, public arrest records are very easy to access online by just about anyone, and today we’re going to go over exactly how someone might go about finding these records.

What are Arrest Records?

It may seem like a silly question, but not everyone is entirely clear on what arrest records are. Arrest records are the records for every time someone was arrested. This doesn’t mean that they were charged or convicted with anything, just that they were arrested. That can mean a number of things, maybe they were drunk in public. Maybe they were a suspect in a crime that they did or didn’t commit, or maybe they actually did commit a serious crime and were arrested because of it.

Arrest records will usually tell you if there was a conviction attached to the arrest, but not always. In some cases, you need to access their criminal records to be entirely sure of what they’ve been charged within their lifetime. Fortunately, criminal records also aren’t the most difficult things to access.

Using Government Portals

You can always check through the county sheriff’s department or court databases. Oftentimes these databases include arrest records, and will even list if the person in question was convicted of a crime. Unfortunately, if you need a large amount of information, the person in question has been arrested a lot, or you don’t know where you need to look this can be a problem. These databases operate independently, and because of this, they are not interconnected. So you have to search county by county and sometimes can’t find the entire story.

This isn’t even to mention when you need to look in a county with poor funding. Counties that don’t have a lot of funding often either opt-out of having such a database or don’t maintain it well enough for it to be a viable option.

Could Background Check Companies be the Answer?

Many companies have popped up over the years to make this process a lot easier and faster for consumers. These background check services search through countless public records databases so you don’t have to, and are able to provide you with search results instantly. Not only do these companies pull arrest records but they’re also able to provide criminal records, driving records, court records, address history, and more. If the information is on the public record, it’s likely a background check service would be able to find it for you.

Arrest Records Made Easy

No one should have to struggle to find the information they need about someone, especially if it’s something that falls into the public record. Fortunately, the internet has become the exact perfect place for this kind of information to be found. Because background check services work so quickly, it doesn’t matter if you need the information in 10 minutes, a week, or a month. You can always be sure that you have exactly the information you need as quickly as you need it without having to put in a large amount of effort just to locate it.

***SpyFly provides consumers affordable, immediate access to public record information. Federal laws prohibit businesses from using SpyFly’s service to make decisions about employment, insurance, consumer credit, tenant screening, or for any other purpose subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq.***


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