How To Prepare For A Meeting With A Patent Attorney

How To Prepare For A Meeting With A Patent Attorney

You might be excited about introducing your invention to the world. While you can introduce it without steps, it’s better that you patent it, so you can enjoy the benefits of your hard work. Before someone else starts profiting off your invention in San Antonio, you should set up a meeting with a patent attorney.

While it’s as easy as that sounds, you should prepare ahead of your meeting with the attorney. If you have no one in mind to work with yet, you can make a list of San Antonio patent attorneys before preparation or as you prepare. But what do you prepare for?

Tips For Preparing For A Meeting With A Patent Attorney

You shouldn’t let the excitement of patenting your invention overwhelm you so much that you set up a consultation and attend it without preparing. Things could go wrong, and you don’t want to be disappointed. Therefore, you should prepare.

Here are things to do.


Your invention must be new, unique, useful, and nonobvious for a patent. You must be the first person to think of and effect that idea. Are you sure you can say the same about your invention? Therefore, you must research before meeting a patent attorney to avoid wasting both of your time.

Search through the USPTO website and do a Google patent search to confirm the uniqueness of your invention. Confirm that your invention meets the requirements for patentability. While researching, you can write a list of questions or areas you’re confused about to ask the attorney.

Organize Detailed Information About Your Invention

The prospective patent attorney must “buy” your invention before they can start the application process. For that to happen, the attorney needs adequate information about the invention. Therefore, before the meeting, compile detailed information about the patent to enable you to articulate effectively during your meeting.

It could be your idea dumps, sketches about the invention, or any important information you think the attorney should know about. The information doesn’t have to be in perfect form yet, just enough for the attorney to grasp your invention.

Compile your invention’s visual and written works and a prototype before the meeting. You can make a video if you can’t physically take the prototype to the meeting. The more information you have to present, the better.

Prepare The Invention History

Another thing to prepare for is the invention history. This isn’t the historical origin of the invention or industry. The information the patent attorney needs is the timeline of your invention because of its relevance to the statutory deadlines.

Provide enough information regarding the timeline. For example, you should note the date of the invention’s conception, publications of the information in a magazine or newspaper, and offer for sales or actual sales of the invention to individuals or entities.

In addition, you should document any invention disclosure without an NDA or confidentiality agreement. You should also mention whether there are co-inventors or whether you worked at a company when you conceived the invention. This will help determine whether the invention belongs to the company or you.

Learn The Difference Between Patent Attorneys And Patent Agents

Aside from patent attorneys, patent agents also help with patent applications. However, patent agents can’t give you legal advice. Therefore, working with an attorney is the best choice, and confirming that the person you have a meeting with is an attorney is important.

Patent attorneys know how patents are litigated, take care of the application process, and represent you in court. Confirm the license of the attorney to avoid making mistakes. Check that they have passed the USPTO’s patent bar exam and that their credentials are correct.

Research About The Patent Attorney

Don’t be in haste to meet up with just any attorney or firm, even when someone recommends them to you. Research them and ensure you’re meeting the right person for you. Start your research from their websites and sift through the information you find there.

Confirm their roles in their firm, their technical background, how much experience they have in patent law, their past clients, and publications. You can also google their name and look them up on social media. Furthermore, you can confirm their credentials on the USPTO website.

Identify Your Goals

You should identify your goals before meeting with a patent attorney. Writing them down is even better, as it helps solidify them. Identify SMART goals and focus on the low efforts items and high value. Is your goal to start and grow a business with your invention, get a license, and/or sell it?

Identifying your goals will help you devise actionable plans to help you achieve them. You can take charge and contribute more in your meeting with your goals and plans because you know what you want to achieve with the invention.

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Send Materials To The Attorney In Advance

Your meeting with the patent attorney would yield better results if you sent them materials ahead. It will also save you time. This enables the attorney to familiarize themselves with your invention, information, and history. The meeting will be more productive.

You should consider sending the materials to them two business days before your meeting. This gives them enough time to go through the information before your appointment.

Don’t Hold Back Information

One of the major fears inventors have is people stealing their inventions. However, you shouldn’t worry about that when working with a patent attorney. Confidentiality is important in law, and attorneys understand that, so you can trust them.

They have sworn an oath to protect their clients’ information. Therefore, don’t hold back information. You may not get enough out of an invention if you give half or dishonest stories. Be honest and open about your invention during the meeting.

Be Attentive During The Meeting

You must be attentive to get the most out of your meeting with a patent attorney. Whether the meeting is over the phone or physical, get rid of distractions and be present. Don’t try to multitask if you want to get value from the meeting.

You can also record the meeting and take notes so you don’t forget important information. In addition, you should prepare to be interviewed during the meeting. The attorney also scrutinizes you to see if they want you as their client.


You must prepare if you want your meeting with the patent attorney to yield values or results. Ensure you prepare questions ahead of the meeting to make the consultation productive. Identify what you want to achieve by working with a patent attorney and ensure you’re confident with your choice once your contract starts.