How to Write a Great Resume (What to Write in The Resume)?

How to Write a Great Resume (What to Write in The Resume)?

Today, a written resume of a specialist is a prerequisite for considering a candidate for admission to a serious, well-paid company. Most candidates for the position are eliminated already at the stage of consideration of the resume. That is why it is so important to create it correctly, avoiding common mistakes.

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What You Need to Know About Cheap Resume Writing

First of all, cheap resume writing services will help you to decide on what information about oneself to mention. Mention full name, year of birth, contact addresses (including email) and telephones. Often they forget to mention the middle name, or home address, or do not mention which of the phones is working and which is home, and at what time it is better to call. It is good to add a small, strict color photograph.

Quite often, the text contains the wrong email address from which the email with the resume is sent. If a candidate claims to own a computer, it is a mistake. You should send your resume only from the address that appears in the resume text.


In the “Education” section, write down where, when and what educational institution you graduated from, as well as (if you have recently graduated from a university) what grades were – if, of course, they are your “benefits”. If you studied at a university or are now engaged in science – mention your scientific specialization, academic degree, academic title.

It is necessary to list all kinds of awards of various competitions, olympiads, conferences, including school ones, the presence of “red” diplomas, etc. Write in detail, mention the faculty, department, specialization, topic of the diploma. Mention the numbers of the relevant diplomas and certificates. Do not forget about refresher courses and internships, even if they were just one day.

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Work Experience

This is the most important and longest section of your resume and should exceed all other sections combined. If your work was of a project nature (programmer, designer), then list all your projects that lasted more than one month. If the work is homogeneous or not of a project nature (manager, salesperson), then single out some features and types of work in your work (for example, work with a certain large customer or supplier).

For each project (features), it is necessary to briefly and accurately indicate:

  • a period of time with an accuracy of up to a month (or approximately);
  • place of work;
  • name of the project (type of work, features);
  • a brief description of the project (type of work, features) for 1-2 lines;
  • the tools used (for example, computer programs, specific technologies that may be of interest to the employer);
  • your role in the work being done.

For example, if you are a programmer, then in the last paragraph it is necessary to mention what exactly you did, besides programming – for example, setting up, developing a database structure, documentation, testing, implementation, maintenance, etc.

If you are an account manager, you must mention which clients you worked with (especially if there were large clients) and how many clients there were; what accounts (foreign currency, household deposits); what kind of program like “bank operating day” were used, etc.

If you are a web designer, do not forget to provide links to your work.

It is in your best interest to make the list as long as possible. The more experience – the more chances of getting a job. Do not neglect the mention of term papers, theses, scientific papers, all kinds of extra earnings, etc. All these – big projects, small ones – somehow make up your real experience, which must be reflected in your track record.

It is necessary to list works (projects) and employers in reverse chronological order, i.e. the last work should be recorded first, the next to the last second, etc.

When the experience section is omitted, it is impossible to draw conclusions about the candidate’s qualities, and the resume will inevitably lose out in comparison with others.                                                                       

Do I Need to Mention the Desired Salary Level?

It depends on the circumstances. Generally speaking, any conversation about salary before the end of the interview usually puts the employer in a difficult position. After all, he does not yet know your capabilities, has not estimated how much you “cost” in his scale of values and opportunities, and therefore cannot answer in advance whether he is ready to give you the required salary.

Therefore, if at all you decided to mention specific numbers, then mention only the desired minimum level to which you agree, and be sure to mention that it is the minimum. It is better to write the truth. If you mention too high a minimum wage, then no one will risk contacting you. If you are offered the requested minimum, then you can always say that the specified figure is minimal, and the work ahead is difficult, responsible, and it costs much more.                                                    

Do You Need Personal Details?

The facts of the production biography and at least personal ones should be stated in as much detail as possible. This will show that your life is more work-oriented than leisure-oriented. It is not worth setting out in detail your autobiography, details related to your childhood or the history of your marriages. It is not necessary to mention the presence of a driving license if you have to work in an office.

If your own car, summer cottage, three children, fishing, etc. are so important to you that you decided to mention this in your resume, then the employer will think that you are not a business person. After all, he will have to let you go during working hours for a car inspection or repair, to adjust to the schedule of your competitions or tours.

At the end of your resume, it is enough to list 2-3 of your hobbies. It is better to mention active hobbies (for example, sports, tourism, dancing) than household hobbies (gardening, fishing, hunting).