How Your Website Growth Goals Dictate the Services You Need

How Your Website Growth Goals Dictate the Services You Need

If you’ve got a website for your business, you know that it must grow along with your company. As your company gains prominence, you’ll probably offer more products and services. That means creating more product and service pages.

You might also add a company blog to your site. You may need a chatbot. Perhaps you’ll add some client testimonials. You can expand the website in whatever way you see fit.

Let’s say you have a law firm. Growing your law firm by implementing SEO best practices should help you. We’ll talk about that in more detail right now.

You’re Just Launching Your Website

Your growth goals change depending on where you are with your law firm’s website. If you’re just launching the site, you’ll need some basics.

You will need a company to do some keyword research for you. If you don’t want to hire an SEO company, you may also create and utilize an IT department with individuals working there with SEO or marketing backgrounds.

They can come up with keywords and use them liberally throughout the site. They can put them in your h1, h2, and h3 tags.

They might also start building a collection of backlinks for you. It is a slow, meticulous process, but it can get your site a lot of attention if you do it right.

You Have a Site but Need More Visitors

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If you already have your law firm’s website up and running, optimizing it will get you the visitors you need. You’ll need to meet with your IT department or the SEO company you’re using. They might suggest additional SEO tactics to get you more views and conversions.

You might add some more calls to action throughout the site. You want potential customers to contact you through any page on your website, not just the landing page.

You might make your contact form easier for potential client use. You may discuss your sales funnel and whether it’s attracting the site visitors you need. If not, you could modify it.

You Need a Total Website Overhaul

Maybe you need a significant website overhaul because you and another law firm might merge soon. You must add new content reflecting your additional legal services. Perhaps you’re adding some new partners, and your website must reflect that.

You and your SEO company can discuss some fresh content that will showcase your new direction. You can review your inbound and outbound links and add some new ones. You can come up with keywords and phrases that reflect your updated business model.

What you need from your IT department or SEO company changes as your business does. Companies in different positions need various services. You must locate individuals who can do that work. Without making those changes, you will not get the market penetration you need.

Other law firms will always try poaching your clients. Only continually optimizing your site as time passes can prevent that possibility.