Know The Procedure To Get A Bail For Another Person

Know The Procedure To Get A Bail For Another Person

When an arrest warrant is issued against a person due to some legal charges then in some cases bail can be acquired. It is true that having an attorney is suitable for with the legal aspects of the case. However, fighting the case is not the only task. The person who has been arrested can be set free on bail. This bail amount is determined as per the crime which is allegedly committed by the person.

Until and unless the crime is proved and the judge passes a sentence the accused cannot be deemed as guilty. Therefore before the sentence is passed the person can be allowed to stay out of jail on the payment of bail. The particulars to be known for getting a making a bail bond
If a person wants to get bail for another person then along with the basic details of the person like date of birth and name; the charges which are leveled agent the accused should know. The details of the police case which is filed against the defendant should also be known. Cases are booked under certain sections, and if a person wants to get bail for the accused, then the booking number of the case has to be known.

Presenting the alleged accused with bail option

The bail is set if the offense isbail able, but there are some offenses which are non-bail able and in that case until the court relinquishes all the charges of the accused he/she cannot be taken out of jail. But if the offense is bailable, then the set amount can be paid. But if the person fails to arrange the entire bail amount then for releasing the defendant from prison help of bail bond service providers like Columbus – Castle bail bonds can be taken. A bail bond is like a loan which is given to the defendant by a particular bond providing agency. The bond can be acquired by paying a premium which is lower than the bail amount. Once the premium is paid, a surety bond is drawn in the name of the accused and can be presented to the police for releasing the person from jail. By presenting this bond, the company agrees to pay the bail amount on behalf of the accused. The person who seeks a bail bond for another accused individual can be a family member or a friend.

The necessity of collateral in certain bail bonds

If the bail amount is very high, then the bond cannot be acquired only by paying a premium. In such cases, collateral has to be pledged for getting the bond. If the bail amount is paid as per the terms and conditions of the bond providing company, then the collateral will be given back, but if the person fails to make the payment, then the collateral will be sold for recovering the money that has been given by the company as per the bail bond.

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