Knowing The Fee Structure Of Criminal Defense Lawyers Should Help You To Estimate The Expenses Of A Case

Knowing The Fee Structure Of Criminal Defense Lawyers Should Help You To Estimate The Expenses Of A Case

Facing criminal charges is one of the worst experiences in one’s life. If you are the unfortunate one, then you must rush to Cohen Winters, the law firm that has made a name in New Hampshire as public defenders to defend your case. Such firms have helped hundreds of people to get relief in criminal cases. Affordability is a big concern when appointing a criminal defense lawyer because they are expensive. How much they charge depends on various factors like the complexity of the case, the state of jurisdiction and the experience of the attorney.

Charges of felonies are more serious than a misdemeanor and might require better preparation and several court appearances because it carries more harsh penalties which mean more hard work and more fees for the attorney. The fees of attorneys have a direct relation to their experience with more experienced attorneys charging much higher fees than those with less experience. However, the experience of attorneys matters a lot in criminal cases as they can resolve a case more quickly and satisfactorily than a less experienced lawyer. In addition, the fees for attorneys differ according to the State, and there is no standard rate applicable.

Types of billing

The fees structure differs significantly with some attorneys preferring to charge clients on an hourly billing basis, while some others might choose to charge a fixed amount based on the case. Another type of billing is the method of claiming retainer fee where the attorney asks defendants to pay a retainer fee up front.  The kind of case and its complexity are factors that influence the kind of billing that the attorney would choose.

Hourly Billing

In this type of billing, the defendants must pay the attorney for the actual time they devote towards the case. Besides, lawyers can also claim for reimbursement of expenses towards subpoena fees, copying fees, etc. Attorneys who charge an hourly basis would try to conclude the case as quickly as possible. However, since the legal process is not always predictable, the case might grow complex during its course in which case the expenses of defendants would go up.

Case Billing

This type of billing consists of the lawyer charging a fixed amount for the case regardless of the time it takes for resolution and the extent of involvement of the lawyer. It is beneficial for defendants because they come to know about the expenses in advance, but in case of a very quick settlement, it could give a feeling of paying more for less work done by the lawyer. However, if the case goes for trial, the lawyer would charge extra.


This is nothing but an advance payment that attorneys ask for before working on the case regardless of the type of billing agreed upon. The lawyer would then keep the client informed about the time devoted to the case and the billed amount that the lawyer adjusts from the amount paid to him or her.

Criminal defense lawyers charge about $1500 for criminal cases on an average as revealed in a study, but it depends entirely on the case.