Lawyer Nicole Blank Becker

Lawyer Nicole Blank Becker

Nicole worked as a prosecutor before opening a private practice. She was given the incredible duty of managing the Child Abuse Unit and the Sex Crimes Unit in Macomb County, Michigan, for many years. Nicole Blank Becker, an attorney, has over 20 years of expertise on both sides of the law, having served as the Chief of the Macomb County Sex Crimes Unit and Child Abuse Crimes Unit.

She began her career as an accomplished lawyer while attending Wayne State University’s law school. She started her career as a defense lawyer after graduating in 2000, worked as an assistant prosecutor for a while, and is now returning to private practice as a defense lawyer specializing in sex crime and criminal sexual conduct cases.

Criminal Justice System

Nicole is proactive and knowledgeable about the criminal justice system as a seasoned sex crimes defense attorney who has handled thousands of cases involving criminal sexual conduct and sexual abuse in Michigan and nationwide.

And Nicole is in a unique position because of her tenure in Macomb County as Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit and Child Abuse Unit, where she has firsthand knowledge of the prosecution’s future course of action. Nicole was in charge of instructing other prosecutors and police officers on how to approach a sex offense charge and investigate a sex offense charge.

And how to handle all of the nuances of sex crime and criminal sexual conduct cases in her capacity as the Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit. No other Michigan rape defense lawyer can make that claim! Nicole is now a force to be reckoned with in your sex crime case.

He Only Cares About Sex Crime.

In contrast to other situations, accusations of criminal sexual activity can be exceedingly embarrassing and harmful and entail harsh punishments. The most valuable asset you possess is your reputation. Your case will significantly impact your reputation if you are under investigation or charged with statutory rape, inappropriate child touching, or sexual assault.

Being accused of sexual assault carries severe penalties that are catastrophic. No one wants to be subject to lifelong electronic monitoring in Michigan, to be listed as a sex offender on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry, or to have a sex offense remain on their permanent record for the rest of their lives.

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker | Founder of Blank Law, PC

Are you unsure of the qualities you should seek in a criminal defense attorney to represent you in a sex offense case? You must hire a lawyer who only handles sex offenses. Your decision could mean the difference between being found guilty and having your charges withdrawn. Lawyer Nicole Blank Becker will continue to battle for you until your reputation and sanity are restored. Nicole is not only a criminal sexual conduct attorney focused on sex offenses. But she also understands both sides of the law.

Experience Is What Matters Most.

Experience matters the most regarding defense lawyers that claim to handle sex crime cases. And Nicole has a tonne of it. Nicole has extensive knowledge of opposing perspectives due to her prior position. As Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit.Techniques, justifications, and strategies.

Nicole is in a great position to determine the advantages, disadvantages, and gaps in your sex crime case due to this. Nicole can then use this information to create an effective sexual assault defense. And the tactics for every patient she selects to take on.

RIGHT NOW is not the time to choose a defense lawyer from any state, let alone Michigan. Hiring the most excellent defense lawyer with the most expertise and unmatched success with sex crime cases is RIGHT NOW.

Charges For Sexual Assault Are Severe.

It is impossible to emphasize how terrible Michigan’s sex crimes are. All parties involved, including the judges, the prosecutors, and the police. So take these kinds of claims very seriously in all American jurisdictions, especially if a juvenile is involved. Additionally, they frequently elicit solid emotions and draw a lot of criticism.

Your charges may fall under the category of criminal sexual conduct 1st. It depends on how severe your offenses of sexual abuse were. And the degree, second-degree criminal sexual conduct, third-degree criminal sexual conduct, or fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct. Nicole can handle whatever CSC degree your clients may have with remarkable success.