Michael Diaz Jr Attorney At Law Expands His Services To Clients In Houston, Texas

Michael Diaz Jr Attorney At Law Expands His Services To Clients In Houston, Texas

Michael Diaz Jr, a family and criminal law attorney out of MckInney with over 15 years of experience representing clients across many courts throughout the state of Texas, has recently announced his plans to expand his services to potential clients living in Houston and the Greater Houston metropolitan area. Based out of Collin County, Texas, the reputed lawyer has, during his substantially long career, handled hundreds of cases throughout Collin County and the adjacent Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area. Currently the owner and chief attorney at the Law Office of Michael G Diaz, P.C. in McKinney, TX, Mr. Diaz has become one of the most highly sought out attorneys in the region, thanks to his enviable track record.

According to Mr. Diaz, the recent expansion plan comes in the wake of the growing demand for his representation from various parts of the state. The attorney states that it was becoming increasingly difficult for him in the recent years to respond to the needs and requirements of all his various clients from across the state from his Collin County office alone. Accordingly, a second office at Houston, a major epicenter in the Southern United States, he felt would help him manage his activities in a more efficient and engaged manner.

In this connection, it must be stated that one of chief reasons why Mr. Diaz is so highly valued among his clients is that he always makes it a point to work directly with his clients for each and every case that he accepts through his law firm. Michael, unlike many other successful attorneys running a law office, never passes off a case directly to a junior assistant or another member of his team. The lawyer asserts that although his core team is made of highly proficient lawyers, he will still handle each case on his own during its primary stages (consultation, research, spelling out the options available to the client, crafting a strategy that will best address the interests of a client under his particular circumstances) as also during all the subsequent critical phases of the case, irrespective of whether the case proceeds to trial or is settled out of court through mediation.

Michael Diaz: Success as a Family Lawyer

In the field of family law, Michael has assisted scores of clients in family law matters such as divorce, child custody arrangements, property distribution, child support, spousal maintenance and alimony, child custody and visitation, establishment of paternity, adoption and more. As all of us should be aware of, family disputes, especially divorce, child custody and related issues, are highly delicate matters and need to be handled accordingly. Whether the disputes are resolved in or out of court, the processes involved often prove to be extremely taxing and painful for the individuals involved. As such, it is part of the attending attorney’s responsibility that he handles the matters at hand with utmost discretion and delicacy, so as to spare the concerned parties any additional stress or pain.

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And the reason why Michael Diaz Jr. is so highly prized as a family law attorney is because of his attentive and caring guidance when it comes to these matters. Michael will always do his best to find a solution that will be satisfactory to all parties concerned and one that can be effected without in any way exacerbating what is, in most cases, already a fraught situation.

Success as a Criminal Lawyer

Although in many ways a different realm altogether, Michael Diaz is one of the few attorneys who can navigate both family and criminal law with equal ease and poise. Criminal justice system is a highly complicated one with innumerable nuances therein and it thus requires extremely high efficiency and knowledge on the part of the attorney to secure the best possible outcome for his client given the specifics of any particular situation. In addition, not unlike as in family law matters, the job also demands high levels of personal skills from the attorney.

This is since for the client facing a criminal charge, the very prospect of ending up at a penitentiary is a highly frightening and unnerving one. It is therefore the job of the attorney to bring some calm into the situation by thoroughly explaining the state of affairs to the client and by mapping out a plan of action (be it going to the trial or working out a plea bargain agreement) that will potentially lead to the most favorable outcome for the client. And as a highly experienced attorney, Michael Diaz is able to perform all the above irrespective of the nature and the complexity of the case in question. He helps his clients with pretty much all sorts of criminal cases, including DWI, fraud, theft, robbery, family violence, expungements and nondisclosures, drug related charges and more.

In light of all the above, more than a few people must be happy to know of Michael Diaz Jr attorney at law’s latest expansion plans to Houston, Texas from the northern part of the state.