Ten Ways to Avoid Car Accidents

Ten Ways to Avoid Car Accidents

Every year, the average number of deaths caused by car accidents across the globe is around 1.3 million, It leaves about 20 to 50 million people with disabilities or injuries. Contributing to this number are Uber and Lyft accidents that account for many personal injury claims. While there is always a risk when you sit behind the wheel of your vehicle or hire a ride, there are ways to prevent possible car accidents and be part of the solution.

1. Avoid the Fast Lane

The majority of car accidents happen in the far left lane of the highways. Many drivers tend to drive too fast when they are in this lane. The safer option is to stay in the far right lane or in the center lane to avoid being trapped in the fast lane. It would also be easier for you to exit because the right lane offers more escape routes. If there is a sudden need to pull your vehicle into the shoulder or change lane, the right lane is most convenient. Also, be cautious when changing lanes and don’t be tempted to cut in front of other drivers.

2. Beware of Blind Spots

Make it a habit to scan the area that is not visible in front and all your side and rearview mirrors are positioned properly for panoramic views. Before changing lanes or entering highways, quickly turn around to check the immediate environment. If there is an intersection, check both ways to make sure that no one is beating the red light.

3. Be More Cautious When Driving at Night

Most fatal road accidents happen at night because of the lack of lights or some drivers are drunk or tipsy. In surveys conducted to find out what are the main causes of motorcycle accidents, respondents said that reckless driving and driving when drunk are the top culprits. If you have vision problems or are tired, avoid driving at nighttime.

4. Limit Distractions

Texting while driving is one of the common reasons for vehicle accidents. Distracted driving is dangerous and can cause loss of limbs or lives. Avoid using a cell phone when driving. Another habit you need to change is fiddling with the GPS or the radio while on the road. A momentary distraction can compromise your safety.

5. Watch Out for Potential Threats

Always drive defensively and alert for possible threats while on the road. Look out for a pedestrian who is attempting to cross the street, a biker who is too close in your vehicle, or a car that is shifting lanes. As much as possible, get away from the threats to keep everyone safe including you and your car.

6.Drive with Both Hands on the Wheel

Driving with two hands on the wheel gives you traction and maximum control during unexpected situations or emergencies. The best position is in the 10 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions. Keeping your hands at a 180-degree angle ensures safe driving.

7.Wear your Seat Belt

Buckling up properly every time you drive can save you from serious harm in case of an accident. It is also necessary to check that your companions, especially children, are wearing their seatbelts in the car seat.

8.Keep your Car Safe and Well-Maintained

Regular tune-ups and maintenance prevent surprising technical troubles that can cause accidents. So, always check the brakes and the tires. Underinflated tires and malfunctioning brakes contribute to many car crashes. Regularly clean the mirrors and the windshield for excellent views.

9.Get to Know your Vehicle

Know the performance capabilities of your car to help you maximize its power and usefulness, while avoiding conditions that will compromise your safety. Test its limits and features to understand how it reacts to certain conditions like bad weather or snowy roads.

10.Be Courteous to Fellow Drivers

Show courtesy to others while on the road. Stick to your lane and let others go ahead of you. It is best to come home to your family safely. Do not give in to the temptation of teaching someone a lesson because anger may cause you to become reckless.

Final Thoughts

Keep all these tips in mind whenever you are on the road. By being safe, you are saving your life and the others. Keep calm and drive safely.