Thinking Of Pleading Guilty To Dwi? You Need A Lawyer!

Thinking Of Pleading Guilty To Dwi? You Need A Lawyer!

DWI arrests are more common in NY, but a conviction can change your life for the worse. Driving while intoxicated or DWI can bring about severe consequences on Long Island, NY. That begs the question whether or not it is possible for the accused to plead guilty to a charge lesser than a DWI?

When facing DWI charges on Long Island, it is imperative to contact your DWI lawyers as soon as possible — working with an experienced lawyer during the pre-trial as well as the trial procedures.

Most experienced lawyers will tell you that pleading guilty to DWI charges is a terrible idea. When you plead guilty during the arraignment, even though the incident might not have been your fault, you will be taking too many unwarranted risks. Any good lawyer should be able to explain why a guilty plea seldom works in favor of the accused. A conviction of driving while intoxicated will harm your personal and professional life for a long time.

Here’s what you can do during your DWI arrest and afterward, instead of pleading guilty –

Be polite

When a law enforcement officer stops you under the suspicion of driving while intoxicated, do not argue. Arguing rarely helps even when the person is not under the influence of any substance. So, be cooperative and product your license and registration as per the officer’s request.

Exercise your right to remain silent

It is not mandatory to answer all the questions the law enforcement officer asks. If you do not know the right answer to a question, you should choose to remain quiet. Anything that you say to the officer is presentable in court during the trial.

Ask for your attorney

Once the law enforcement officer brings you in, you should politely ask for your DWI lawyer. Every accused individual has the right to consult with an attorney immediately after his or her arrest. It can not only help you answer further questions if any, and it might also expedite your bail process.

A First-time DWI in New York is typically a misdemeanor unless there was the incident of an accident. If the accused had a BAC of over 0.08, then the law enforcement officer can bring DWI charges against you.

Cases have shown that it is possible for individuals to face DWI charges with blood alcohol levels below 0.08. Since it is a traffic infraction, it is not a criminal offense. That is why many of the accused believe that pleading guilty to DWI will expedite the process, and it won’t have severe impacts on their lives. The first DWI conviction in NY can find you in jail for a year, with a $1000 fine. The DMV can revoke your license for six months.

Moreover, in NY, it might be possible for your attorney to reduce your DWI charges to a DWAI. If that is what you are thinking about, you must appoint an excellent DWI attorney with extensive work experience in NY to help you with the legal procedures.