Video Games Banned in America

Video Games Banned in America

America has slightly over 22,000 state-approved video game software developers. There are 2,322 video game developer locations spread throughout the 50 states. The US is home to globally-acclaimed video game developers, including Activision Blizzard, Epic Games, Electronic Arts, and iTechArt. Despite this country being a leading video game development hub, it has censored several games. That does not mean you have to limit your enjoyment. Video game proxies enable you to bypass this restriction.

Blocked Games and the Role of Proxies

Video game proxies are simply pseudo-servers that mask your online traffic and hide your identity. By masking IP addresses, they provide online anonymity, enabling gamers to access geo-locked games. If you’re in a state in America where certain games have been blocked, you need a residential proxy to come to the rescue. Proxies not only mask your identity but also secure your connections. They speed up loading times and stimulate your gaming experiences. Let’s check out some censored content, shall we?

Custer’s Revenge

Custer’s Revenge is a single-player video game originally published in 1983 by American Multiple Industries. It’s a war and law-themed game where Colonel Custer takes the lead role in the Battle of Little Bighorn. The sexually illicit game suits adults only as a lot of molestation and rape are involved. In this game, the military sexually attacks hostages to accumulate more points.

The sexual violence in this game elicited much negative criticism from the media, lobbyists, and feminist activists. In one voice, they all voiced their disapproval of the game. Ultimately, Oklahoma State banned the game, citing violence against women and sexual immorality. The good news is you can rely on proxy servers to access and play the game in Oklahoma without getting noticed or blocked.


Hatred is one of the famous video games banned in the U.S on the grounds of AO rating. The thrilling combat game composed by Adam Skorupa and produced by Destructive Creations entered the market in June 2015. Hardcore video gamers will find the game’s misanthropic mass killer quite interesting to control. In the game, the lead character embarks on a mission to kill millions of people.

The game portrays the effects of hatred, depression, and anger. It depicts the range of destruction an angry and depressed man can reach. Video game journalists tagged the video as controversial because of its extreme degree of violence, leading to the banning of the game from Steam Greenlight Service.

Too Human

The action role-player video game developed by Silicon Knights in 2008 got banned in American markets in 2013. The basis for banning Too Human was entirely copyright infringement following a corporal legal dispute.

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Silicon Knights, the game’s developer, sued Epic Games for breach of contract following a game production delay. In return, Epic Games countersued Silicon Knights for the embezzlement of trade secrets, breach of contract, and copyright infringement. The federal court judge ruled against Silicon Knights, citing breach of contract and copyright infringement. The court ordered Epic Games to stop production, ultimately leading to the unexpected discontinuation of Too Human.

The Guy Game

The Guy Game is a 2004 adult video game developed by Top Heavy Studios and Atomic Planet Entertainment. The game stresses party culture and female nudity by offering a competitive multi-round trivia quiz for friends to compete and have fun. The multiplayer video game stood the test of time as a sexually captivating and enthralling game for anyone above 18 years.

From the word “go,” the game emphasized its target audience: adults. Therefore, in normal circumstances, it would not have been banned. Sadly, after intense research and investigation, responsible bodies in the United States discovered that a 17-year-old model had participated in the live-action. When asked, the underage girl said she wasn’t appropriately informed about the expected use of videos. In that case, the U.S government banned The Guy Game on the grounds that it contained child pornography.

Active Shooter

Active Shooter is a highly immersive simulation game that supports multiple players. Produced and published by Acid Games, Active Shooter is no longer available in most video game markets. The game features an active shooter who goes on a shooting spree throughout school corridors. After thorough scrutiny, the game didn’t pass the test. Most people considered the production a violation of the rights of victims of the depicted criminal offenses. The game got banned almost immediately after its launch. However, with advanced gaming proxies, you can still access and indulge in the game.


Are you a diehard fan of spending the night in and competing with friends? Do you like exploring new games and feeling the thrill of a good discovery? These are video games banned in some countries and states, but don’t worry. You can still access them using gaming proxies; just make sure to go for a trusty provider!