WeVC: The First UK Asset Manager Exclusively Focused on Blockchain

WeVC: The First UK Asset Manager Exclusively Focused on Blockchain

Welcome to WeVC, the first UK-based institutional asset manager exclusively focused on the revolutionary world of blockchain technology. Founded on April 29, 2020, and fully legalized on April 29, 2024, WeVC has rapidly emerged as a trusted leader in this dynamic field. We bring four years of deep industry experience, offering unparalleled access and influence to crypto teams worldwide. Today, we’re excited to invite small and medium investors to join our journey, starting with investments as low as $50.

Our Journey: From Inception to Legalization

A Pioneering Start

WeVC’s story began in 2020, setting out with a clear vision to transform the blockchain investment landscape. As pioneers, we recognized early on the immense potential of blockchain technology and dedicated ourselves to fostering innovation within this space. Our team’s combined expertise and passion for blockchain have been instrumental in guiding numerous projects to success.

Achieving Full Legalization

On April 29, 2024, WeVC reached a significant milestone by attaining full legalization. This achievement underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of regulatory compliance and operational integrity. Our UK registration serves as a seal of trust and security, ensuring that our partners and investors can have complete confidence in our operations.

Welcoming Small and Medium Investors

Broadening Access to Venture Capital

At WeVC, we believe in making venture capital accessible to everyone. By lowering the investment threshold to $50, we are democratizing access to high-potential blockchain projects. This inclusive approach ensures that a diverse range of investors can participate in and benefit from the growth of the blockchain sector, fostering a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem.

Strategic Support for All

WeVC’s inclusive model doesn’t just provide financial opportunities; it also offers strategic advantages. Our investors gain from our extensive industry knowledge, hands-on support, and a robust network of professionals and innovators. This comprehensive support system is designed to maximize the potential of each investment, ensuring that even small contributions can make a significant impact.

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Driving Blockchain Innovation and Adoption

A Global Network of Opportunities

Our strength lies in our extensive global network. WeVC connects portfolio companies with key industry players, from technology experts to regulatory bodies, facilitating critical partnerships and opportunities. This network is vital for accelerating the growth and adoption of blockchain innovations on a global scale.

Personalized Mentorship and Guidance

Every project is unique, and so is our approach. WeVC provides personalized mentorship and guidance, working closely with founders to overcome challenges and achieve their vision. This tailored support helps ensure that each project reaches its full potential, contributing to the broader success of the blockchain ecosystem.

Showcasing Success Stories

WeVC is not just about funding; we are about fostering success and sharing it. We actively promote the achievements of our portfolio companies, enhancing their visibility and reputation within the industry. By highlighting these success stories, we inspire further innovation and adoption in the blockchain sector.


WeVC stands at the forefront of blockchain investment, driven by a commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and trust. As the first UK institutional asset manager focused exclusively on blockchain technology, we are uniquely positioned to lead the next wave of industry growth. By opening our venture capital opportunities to small and medium investors, we are creating a more inclusive and dynamic ecosystem. Join us at WeVC and be part of the exciting future of blockchain technology.