What Are The Most Common Family Law Cases?

What Are The Most Common Family Law Cases?

Family is an essential piece in the life of a person. This implies that issues within this social unit can be incredibly stressful for everyone concerned. Seeking help from the law to resolve these issues may sometimes be crucial.

The truth is law’s most emotional aspect is dealing with family problems. There are a lot of family disputes that can happen. These can include legal separations, child custody fights, divorces, grandparent visitation, adoptions, legal guardianships, and annulments.

For such reasons, the lawyer in charge of resolving such issues must be an expert in family law. These legal experts must have the needed experience, knowledge, and personal qualities that make them qualified to address family issues.

If you want to delve deeper into some common family law cases that can happen, this article will give you some information regarding that.

1. Child Custody

If you and your partner have a divorce or separation issue, you may face a case where the child’s custody is in question. But what is child custody? Child custody is a legal term that revolves around the legal and practical relationships between a child and their parents. The term can include legal custody, which is the parent’s right to make choices for the child.

Two examples of decisions that can happen through legal custody are educational choices and medical decisions. Similarly, the term can also involve the process of physical custody, which is the parent’s right to allow the child to live with them.

These issues are often a delicate topic. Because younger individuals who might not be fully aware of the situation are part of the dispute, family lawyers with particular expertise can be proven helpful in this regard.

Overall, if your family has issues with child custody, it would be helpful to check with or consult a family law firm, such as GDH LLP. These firms know how to address the problem before it becomes more serious.

2. Domestic Violence

Domestic violence or abuse is an act committed by a person in the victim’s domestic group. This can involve partners, ex-partners, close family members, relatives, and friends.

Like other family law cases, domestic abuse or violence is an issue that a lawyer must face with the right level of professionalism and sensitivity. It’s because this family law case can happen in many areas. Domestic violence can happen emotionally, financially, physically, sexually, and verbally, and the victim can end up devastated because of it.

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If you have this kind of family issue, you might be wondering whether to bring it to the criminal or family law court. If that’s your concern, allowing your lawyer to discuss how criminal and family law differ can be helpful. They can show you the proper steps to take in filing your case.

3. Annulment

When there are disputes between spouses, the two individuals may take note of alternatives to divorce, like legal separation or annulment. People of particular religions, such as the Roman Catholic Church, might notice how annulment can be a good option. If remarriage after divorce isn’t considered in your religion, an annulment might give you a way to remarry that’s acceptable on religious and civil grounds.

Divorce and annulment have different ways of nullifying or invalidating marriages. When couples opt for a divorce, the two spouses will still be considered legally married until the legal dissolution. However, when two married individuals decide to get an annulment, their marriage will be viewed as a thing that never happened. In other words, an annulment treats the union as something that’s not valid, legitimate, or legal.

In Summary

It can be particularly taxing if there’s an issue between family members. This is a serious issue and must be addressed with sensitivity. Fortunately, one can address it by hiring a family lawyer. They know the ins and outs of family law cases and can help you get the right solution.

These lawyers can handle many types of family law cases. For instance, they can help address child custody cases, which revolve around the legal and practical relationships between parents and their children. Secondly, they can also handle domestic violence cases—a family law issue involving abuse committed within a domestic circle.

Lastly, an annulment can occur between two partners. Family lawyers can help persons affected file for this legal process, which involves the canceling of marriage by treating the union as something illegitimate. Hopefully, with the help of this article, you’re now more well-informed about some common family law cases that a family may face.