What Do You Need To Know About Children With Special Educational Needs

What Do You Need To Know About Children With Special Educational Needs

Who are children with special educational needs (SEN) and what do you need to know about them? Make sure to use our services and get your rights, https://www.daviesdivorcelaw.com/.

Children with special educational needs have experienced different types of disability:

These may be physical, sensory (impaired vision or impaired hearing) or mental impairment (mental retardation).
Autistic spectrum disorders (autistic autism, atypical autism, Rett syndrome). These are mental disorders that occur in infancy.

Children who have communicative disorders.

Specific abnormalities in learning ability (dyslexia, dyslexia, dyscalculia) and other emotional and behavioral disorders are typical of children who need special educational needs.

What is integrated training and how does the law protect children with SEN?

Through integrated learning, the child will socialize in society with other peers. This means that whatever its disability is, it will be included in the general educational environment. This is done by providing a supportive environment that includes appropriate architectural and social-living conditions, individual educational programs, a complex pedagogical assessment team, educational and technical facilities and tools, tools, and so on. All children have the right to education in kindergartens and schools. Discrimination is unlawful.

It is good to remember that pre-school and school education in state and municipal schools is absolutely free for children and students! They have the complete right to attend school and be educated properly as any other child. You have the right to request this to be given to you by the state/ country that you live in. You can include lawyers that can help you get your rights and get what your child deserves.

It is important to know that the training of children with SEN is carried out on selected programs for training and education. Children with impaired vision and impaired hearing create individual impact and rehabilitation plans. Children are entitled to help from hearing and speech rehabilitators, speech therapists, psychologists and other specialists.

What is complex pedagogical assessment (CPE)?

It sounds complicated, but it is not. Its main function is to make a primary assessment of the educational needs of the SEN child through which an individual training program for its development will be developed.

It is important to define his / her linguistic development, intellectual abilities, communicative skills and other qualities.

The KPP’s assessment will guide you on the type and form of the necessary education of the child, as well as the appropriate kindergarten or school.

The complex pedagogical assessment of children and pupils with SEN is done by a team at the Regional Inspectorate of Education (RIE) and teams in kindergartens and schools. The teams are made up of different specialists: psychologist, pedagogue, speech therapist, hearing-speech rehabilitator, teacher, doctor and others.

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