Why do you Need CRM for Lawyers?

Why do you Need CRM for Lawyers?

Law firms of all sizes are guilty of neglecting their enquiries and leads. They are not properly tracking them in order to develop that data for future potential opportunities.

You can track your enquiries via a CRM system from the initial call all the way through to becoming a new client has many advantages. You can see who the best converters are in your law firm, how many enquiries you are receiving for each practice area, how clients found you, how quickly lawyers respond and even why potential clients might not be converting.

An enquiry that comes in isn’t always converted immediately into a profitable live client, but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be treated seriously; they still cost you money and come from a portion of the marketing budget you have used to generate that lead.

With CRM for Lawyers, you Can:

  • Access and manage ongoing potential relationships by keeping that contact via email, post or even SMS
  • At company or individual level you can track these potential clients to target them with relevant marketing materials and invitations to applicable seminars or significant events
  • On any device, record and track every incoming enquiry, its type, source etc. to gather and use invaluable marketing and sales data. This boosts productivity by allowing anyone from anywhere to automate time consuming business processes.
  • When the client is eventually converted you can easily create a file at the click of a button that is already populated with the pre-existing relevant information. The clients file can then sent to the appropriate person instantly.
  • This all leads to closing more deals, more efficiently. Everything is tracked and accessible in one place allowing you to recognise the contributors as well, all in the same system.

This system has been developed and BETA tested inside a law firm. It is bespoke, customisable and where possible can be tied into other pieces of software. You can use the software with cloud based technology, so all your data is in one place and most importantly secure.

Make more insightful decisions by keeping on top of how your business is performing with easy to create reports and dashboards, making you job easier to forecast and make quick decisions using the most up to date information.

Pricing should not be the biggest concern as a CRM that is a good fit for your firm has huge ROI potential. The bespoke CRM system doesn’t come with a huge setup and maintenance cost, and the investment is small considering what it does for your firm.

The system is designed to put potential clients into certain pipeline stages that provides you with the information you need to decide what to do next in order to convert that client.

The CRM software for lawyers is a powerful tool to help law firms grow their practices. CRMs are used by small and large businesses to keep track of their potential clients, and your firm could likely benefit from using one.

Law firms of all sizes can now affordably implement a CRM system with little training needed to be rolled out to fee earners. The CRM platform is intuitive to use for those who work in the legal industry and can be integrated into your case management systems.