How To Choose the Right Houston Personal Injury Attorney

How To Choose the Right Houston Personal Injury Attorney

There are over 60,000 personal injury law firms ready to help you with your claim for damages across the USA, and 12,000 of them operate out of Houston, Texas.

That leaves you with plenty of options when you want to claim damages against someone who caused harm to you. How do you go about finding the best one in town, though?

Keep reading for our top tips on how to find the best Houston Personal Injury attorney for your needs.

Ask Friends and Acquaintances for Referrals

If you know someone who has recently undergone a successful personal injury claim, get in touch with them and ask for their lawyer’s name and add them to your shortlist.

A court victory is no guarantee you’ll feel comfortable with the same lawyer they hired, but a recommendation from a friend is a good starting point.

It’s a good idea to keep your options open in case this lawyer can’t take your case. There are a few instances where a personal injury attorney may decline your request for assistance. These are:

  • Your anticipated compensation is too low to justify their efforts
  • The odds of winning are too low
  • A personality clash or conflict of interest

If you know a lawyer, it’s tempting to hire them right away. Proceed with caution, they might not have the necessary experience to ensure a successful outcome.

You could ask your lawyer acquaintance to refer you to someone more suited to a personal injury claim. Most lawyers will have someone in their network who specializes in personal injury cases.

Again, don’t simply hire this lawyer without going through the following steps.

Search Online for the Best Personal Injury Attorney

The internet is a valuable tool when you’re looking to hire a personal injury attorney.

You can glean a lot of information from an attorney’s website. Head on over to their ”About” page to find out more about their experience and qualifications.

You might also find some client reviews on these websites as well as clues about their customer service.

There are also online resources like Nolo that provide helpful information about legal matters, as well as directories of lawyers in your area.

These sites can help you choose a Personal injury attorney with specific experience related to your intended lawsuit

Select a Specialist Houston Personal Injury Attorney

According to this local attorney, brain and spine injuries are the most common personal injury claims, but you can file for damages relating to any injury that impacts your life.

While most personal injury lawyers can assist you with these cases, it’s always best to choose a specialist in some cases. These include workers’ compensation and sexual assault cases.

Attend a Free Consultation

Most attorneys offer a free consultation to help you decide whether they’re a good fit for you or not. Not only will this meeting help you understand how strong your case is, it’s a good idea to get a feel for how the attorney works.

You should bring all the pieces of evidence you have available to this consultation. These may include police reports, proof of income loss, medical bills, and insurance company correspondence.

These are the things you should discuss with the attorney at your first meeting:

Their Background and Experience

Ask the attorney some questions about their experience and skills. These may include:

  • How long have you been practicing law?
  • What percentage of your business involves personal injury cases?
  • Do you usually represent defendants or plaintiffs?
  • Have you pursued any cases involving the defendant before?
  • How big is your law firm?

The Size of the Law Firm

You might feel more secure with a large law firm backing you, but a smaller firm might offer a more personalized experience. When you work with a big firm, your case is one of many, and might not get the attention it deserves.

As a result, some of the most dedicated and successful lawyers choose to work in small law firms.

Who Will Handle Your Case?

In almost every legal practice, lawyers brainstorm on cases. Paralegals and less experienced attorneys often handle routine cases.

The benefit of this is that they work faster together, and you’ll pay less per hour. You don’t want to pay for an experienced and expensive attorney to handle mundane paperwork.

You should draw the line after the paperwork, though.

Ideally, you want the best personal injury attorney attending to the specifics of your case. So ask for the name of the lawyer who will deal with you directly.

If there’s more than one working on your lawsuit, ask to meet with all of them for a detailed discussion about who will handle which areas of your case.

Communication Channels

At this initial meeting, you’ll get a good idea regarding the lawyer’s communication style and whether it’s a good fit for you.

Do they listen attentively when you speak and explain themselves well? Are they willing to adopt your preferences for pursuing the case, and will they consult you before they make important decisions?

A willingness to listen to and understand their client’s needs are essential qualities to look for in a lawyer. The entire process becomes less stressful when you and your lawyer can communicate with one another effectively.

Improve Your Chances in Court 

Hiring an inexperienced, unmotivated Houston personal Injury attorney can put paid to your case.

Personal injury cases don’t come around every day. With a good personal injury lawyer at your side, you’ve got the best shot at receiving the compensation you deserve.

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