Interactive Brokers: Best Stock Trading Platform in 2022

Interactive Brokers: Best Stock Trading Platform in 2022

Due to its institutional-grade desktop trading system and incredibly low margin charges, Interactive Brokers will continue to be our #1 choice for professionals in 2022. Aside from experts, Interactive Brokers also attracts active traders and novice consumers with $0 trades and an intuitive web platform. You will also explore the list of best stock trading platform to save your time in seeking.

The main selling point of Interactive Brokers, or IBKR, is that it gives traders access to 135 worldwide trading centers in 33 nations. Experts can also benefit from market-leading fees, which include the lowest margin rates across all balance tiers.

For day trading, mobile trading, options trading, futures trading, and professional trading, Interactive Brokers is a winner. As an illustration, Interactive Brokers provides an astounding 68 different order types.

Even while there has been a notable increase in the ease of use of its website for casual consumers, as well as more thorough quantitative analysis and education, Interactive Brokers still performs poorly as the top brokers for novices. Despite this, Interactive Brokers won Best in Class awards in six groups in 2022.

In keeping with a multi-year trend, Interactive Brokers (IBKR) continues to be our leading recommendation for seasoned day traders. We assume that in this group, advanced day traders are ready to bring third-party solutions to cover any gaps in linear regressions and automation in exchange for IBKR’s multiple exchanges, a wide range of equities on the easy-to-borrow list, and extraordinarily cheap leverage rates.

Experienced cryptocurrency day investors can now trade directly using coins, and everybody will discover that Interactive Brokers has all the tools, connections, and tools they require in addition to providing very competitive margin rates. Advanced traders must use Interactive Brokers since it is one of the top trading systems overall. Etoro is one of the best stock trading platforms where you can easily copy the steps of experienced users.


superior implementation of orders

Orders on demand for every scenario possible

low-interest rates on margin

In addition to a vast number of tradable assets, cryptocurrency


Clients of IBKR Lite are not eligible for IBKR’s Smart Routing.

Learning TWS can take some time.

No automated trading or bespoke trading algorithms back testing

Since Interactive Brokers holds licenses from numerous prestigious regulators, it is regarded as secure.

It does, nevertheless, have a few standout qualities that set it apart from the competitors:

Little commission

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Its pricing is intended for investors and traders who seek to reduce trading expenses, with zero-commission trading available through its IBKR Lite platform and a regular fee charge of 0.5 cents per share ($1.00 minimum per trade).

Reduced margins

The margin rates at Interactive Brokers are significantly cheaper than those of the rest of the rivals we looked at. Margin loans from Interactive Brokers are less expensive by a third than any of those offered by many brokers, who charge the first dollar of margin at a cost of borrowing of more than 10%. Particularly for investors who hold significant margin balances over extended periods, the difference mounts up.

International commerce

Almost all brokers allow you to purchase international equities that are traded on American exchanges, but few allow clients to quickly … on overseas exchanges. Compared to other inexpensive brokerage firms, Interactive Brokers has access to even more than 135 marketplaces all across the globe. According to eToro USA review this platform is very trustful with the rating of up to 4.5.

Strong platform

Considering that it is free, Trader WorkStation is a potent trading platform. Whether you begin trading, ETFs, options, futures, or commodities, it truly has something for everyone. eToro USA review is very necessary before starting trading online.

Mutual funds with no transaction fees

No-fee mutual funds are practically required to be a top stock broker. Rightfully, Interactive Brokers provides a wide selection of equity funds that may be bought without paying a penny.

What could be done better?

Regardless of trading regularity and account size, Interactive Brokers’ IBKR Pro and IBKR Lite offerings are harder to decipher than those of other stock brokers while explicitly detailing their fees. You can understand the possible fees with the help of our commission summaries below. The

Free analysis

Certain research tools from Interactive Brokers are only accessible for a charge. These are helpful tools, no doubt; we only wish they were cheap.

Customer Portal: The advanced and user-friendly desktop trading interface from Interactive Brokers. The simplest approach for a dealer to sign up and use the platform is through this technique. However, IBKR Pro and Lite clients alike have access to all 3 of these.