What Are The Components In The Form Ss-5 That Need To Be Filled Out Carefully?

What Are The Components In The Form Ss-5 That Need To Be Filled Out Carefully?

Do you have a Social Security number? If not, then you would need to file the Social Security form (SS-5) to get one. The number on your Social Security card works like an identity proof in the US. Whether you need a job, a bank account, a driving license, medical assistance, retirement benefits or something else, this card can help you get access to all of them quickly. So, if you need to replace an old card or apply for a new card, you would need to complete an SS-5 form and submit it for processing. The application form typically contains the following components, which require accurate details from your end to prevent unwanted delays or rejection.

Name on card

This field needs you to provide any change that you may have incorporated in your name and want to use it on the card for further references. Give your full name with correct spellings that you want to see on your card.

Name at birth

It has been included so that the authorities know the name you had before marriage or divorce. It helps them retrieve the details of your past social security card. Women need to provide their maiden name here.

Existing social security number

If you already had a SS card, then you will have to add the number you were using.


Whether you were born in the US or somewhere else, you would have to give the full name of the place of your birth.


Another detail that is required is your date of birth, which generally needs to be filled in the format – Month/ Day/ Year.

Status of citizenship

It will give you a few options to select to determine the status of your citizenship. The choices may include – US citizen, a legal alien with or without a work permit, etc. Choose the one that suits you best.

social security

Ethnicity & Race

If you want you can leave these fields blank.


Fill in whether you are a male or a female.

Mother’s details

You may skip this field if your name has been changed. But, to make sure your application moves ahead, it’s recommendable that you provide the necessary information here, such as her full name and social security number as used on the card.

Father’s details

Although this field is not compulsory, you can input your father’s full name and his social security number as provided on the card.

Previous Social Security Card

You will need to select yes in this field if you are applying for a name change on your current SS card.

Recently used name on the social security card

It needs you to write down the name of your most recent, existing card that you want to replace to add your changed name.

Change in date of birth

If the previous card does not contain the correct date of birth, then provide the actual one here. Sometimes, due to clerical mistakes, the years can get modified. So make sure to enter the right one. If your first application included the correct information, then you can skip this field.

social security

Today’s date

You would need to mention the date on which you apply for a name change.

Contact number

You need to give a phone number that the authorities can call to contact you in the daytime for verification.

Mailing address

Give your correct physical address where you want to receive the card. It usually takes 14 days to arrive.


Sign the form neatly.

So, these are some of the fields that you are likely to find in your form. Just remember the sub-heads can be a bit different. Also, in the end, you can notice one more field where you are asked to mention your relationship to the applicant. Here, you would need to select the option of ‘self’ if it is for you or other specific choices that define it best. Since even a minor mistake can cost your application a rejection, it’s better to hire Application Filing Service ss-5 form. The trusted companies are quite diligent in this work and remove a lot of stress from your mind.